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The Demogorgon Agenda  by  Joseph Armstead

The Demogorgon Agenda by Joseph Armstead
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There is a secret history to the World and it is known to only a few. Beyond the history books and behind the headlines, there are mysteries that can never be revealed, unbelievable stories that can never know the light of day.

Only a small group of brave, dedicated men and women dare know these things. Only a few can know the unknowable. They are the protectors, the soldiers who hold back the onslaught of Darkness. For centuries, they have worked in the shadows, keeping the enemies of civilization at bay. They are the DarkLink.They call him The Winter Man and he is the DarkLinks best and most determined agent. A scholar, a detective, a rogue, and, when need arises, a killer, he is unstoppable in his pursuit of Justice and Truth.His name is Lorenz Novembre.A former high-ranking Russian military official steals a group of ancient artifacts from a secret base in the Urals, ages-old Objects of Power rumored to belong to a race of beings pre-dating humankind.

A criminal consortium of wealthy and ruthless power-brokers bargains for the artifacts, unaware that a mysterious sorcerer in service to a deadly unhuman beast, the immortal guardian of the artifacts, are hunting down the Objects, called the Demogorgon Amulets. They plan to use the artifacts for terrorist purposes. The covert criminal organization then assassinate a leading Interpol official who becomes aware of the Amulets existence and suddenly the race is on to find these Objects of Power.

Unknown to them, however, they have competition for possession of the Amulets from a wealthy, urbane clan of vampires, the Moon-Chosen, who want to put the artifacts to use for their own dire ends.The DarkLink know that they cannot allow the Amulets to fall into Evils hands.

Lorenz Novembre is assigned the task of stealing the Demogorgon Amulets for the DarkLink or destroying them, and to this end, his Section Chief has assigned him a squabbling team of mismatched agents and killers to help battle the competition.Unable to trust his team mates, haunted by stolen memories from past psychic encounters, and in a running battle with an irreverent, homicidally-inclined demon, the sorcerer and his alien keeper, a tough high-tech band of vampire mercenaries, and competing Interpol agents, Novembre battles his way to the heart of the criminal conspiracy to possess an ancient power that could destroy the world!

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